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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heart Quest by Robin D. Owens

Now this is the sequel to heart choice, the book i talked about in my earlier post of straif and mitchelle. this is illex and trif's story. trif is mitchelle's cousin. this was much better than the former i felt in my opinion. but it's only because of genres that i enjoy being included more here than in heart choice.
trif clover knows she has a heart mate and she is on a quest to find him; by even going from door-to-door with her charmkey.(this lets her find her heartmate by the way) but she has no idea that he has already found her. Guardsman Ilex Winterberry knows that trif is his heartmate but is afraid that he will only scare her away, what with him being twice her age and a short life ahead. he wants to be close to her, and she needs to be close to him. he faces his most difficult task yet as there's a killer stalking those with unstable flair psi power like trif's and he must reveal the truth of their destiny or else, leave trif in danger.
i guess it's because ilex is a guardsman,/policeman that there's so much action. there's suspense as well, this shows that the author is able to write different genres of books which is great. if not, i don't think i'd be reading a book with no romance. :P the next book that seems to be the sequel is heartmatch, a story about dufleur and saille. (the first is our heroine and the latter, our hero hehe) and dufleur happens to be the cousin of ilex. so i hope i'm able to find that book, it seems interesting from the sneak preview that i read. hope you guys enjoy

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