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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dark Legend by Christine Feehan

This is another of the carpathian series. it seems i've been making a mistake by naming this genre as fantasy. well maybe not, but paranormal is more like it. learned it recently.
gabriel has awoken after being asleep for very long and the first thing he feels is an overwhelming hunger for blood. nearing darkness, he goes on a hunt for a prey but hears a voice calling to him, calming, sooting him, giving him strength to control this craving.
francesca is a healer who has been living among the humans for a long time. thought gabriel can only imagine how she feels like in his arms, he knows her taste will be addictive. yet he fears for her life and his soul if he gives in to his desire
hmm...i have to admit that i preferred the other dark series better. this was good too, but i guess i was hoping for a little more. but characters are really well done, and i was really surprised when i learnt about them. but truthfully and personally, i think this was not her best piece of work. but i still love her books. hope you guys will too.

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