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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dark Demon by Christine Feehan

myLot User ProfileAnother dark carpathian series by christine feehan, this one rocked for me too. so much action, power and romance all in one, loved it. i think this was prequel from some of the ones i had read and written about. it's surreal how christine manages to make all her characters so real. they each have their own story and at the same time, they are all linked. the synopsis is as followed from the book.
natalya shonski is a vampire hunter, descended from a revered line of carpathians known as dragonseekers. she hates and fears both vampires and carpathians alike and has spent her life fighting them.
carpathian vikirnoff van schreider is dangerously close to turning vampire when he discovers natalya and realises that she is his lifemate. but natalya is unlike any other carpathian he has known-dangerous in her own right, she refuses to let him fight her battles and she infuriates him with her cheerful disregard of his demeanour. but a sinister, mysterious power is after natalya and vikirnoff has to convince her not only to trust him with her heart, but with her life as well
i think this is one of my favourite books after dark symphony which is by christine feehan as well. she brings out the emotions very well and i can also practically see it like a movie in my head. it's fantastic. i personally enjoyed this book very much and hope you do too.