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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heart Choice by Robin D. Owens

This book is a sequel of Heart Duel, a book that i talked about in an earlier post. this is straif and mitchella's story. the former was holm and lark's story. i was lucky enough to find the sequel and in fact, been even luckier to get the sequel for this one, which is heart quest. but that is for later
straif is the last of his line because of a genetic disorder. his whole family has died and so, he is driven to find a cure for this disease and to protect future generations of blackthorns from the disease. nothing else matters to him until he meets mitchella clover.
but mitchella is not a woman straif can build a family with for she is unable to bear children. due to this, he is unwilling to go after his feelings. mitchella knows that a family is founded on love and not just blood, but unless straif can accept this, they can't be together no matter how much they want to be.
i enjoyed this book though not as much as i did heart duel i think mainly because there wasn't much action here. but the feelings were more than enough. it moved my heart. this is a really good science fiction romance, one that made me wish, once again, for powers like theirs sigh hope you enjoy yourselves

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