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Friday, August 27, 2010

All Jacked Up by Penny McCall

This book rocked and I mean it literally. so much action from the beginning itself. the whole book was filled with so much action, witty remarks/dialogues that i thought to myself, i'd love it if a movie was made exactly like the book with the witty remarks. what i really loved was how the author managed to come up with such great dialogues. it made me laugh so much; also the expressions used were fantastic. the scenes described were so real i could practically imagine them in my head. and she describes the characters so well, i can practically see their expressions in my head. only thing is i can't get a clear face but i definitely can see their body postures and even the snorts that they do lol and it's her debut novel it seems. the synopsis is as it is on the book.
since jack mitchell barged into her life, librarian aubrey sullivan has been abducted at gunpoint, taken on a death-defying car chase and kissed within an inch of madness. she's starting to think that maybe she should try to shake this over-bearing guy off...
but aubrey doesn't realize she's ticked off the biggest drug lord in the western hemisphere. it seems that somewhere in her photographic memory is something he wants kept quiet and he's willing to kill to do it. and jack can't exactly go to the good guys just because, well suddenly they think he's a bad guy too. now jack needs aubrey to clear his name. if only she'd do what he says. they just might get out of this alive. that is if they can keep their hands off each other long enough to think straight...
well what more can i say. action junkies, this book is not to be missed. enjoy

Run For Your Life by Andrea Kane

it had been so long since i last read a book by this author that i had nearly forgotten about her. but reading this book made me remember why i was so into her once. it was just that i couldn't find any more of her books that i hadn't read, thus forgetting about her :P
when victoria kensington's sister audrey, vanishes, victoria is sure her abusive father is somehow connected. she does some investigating but reaches a dead end when help comes from an unexpected source, the lover she hasn't seen in 4 years.
zachary hamilton's investigation for the fbi has led him till where victoria was stumped in hers. when a surveillance tape reveals victoria, he knows he must contact his ex, no matter his feelings about her. together they must race to crack the mystery and rescue audrey even as the white hot electricity between them's recharging to a fever pitch.
this book has almost everything i could want for; action, mystery, romance and even some comic moments. i especially loved the feelings between the two of them. the author managed to bring our their feelings so well, it made me so engrossed that i hated to be disturbed. she also showed how they dealt with their problems. anyway hope you enjoy the book.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Wolf by Jean Johnson

The second book in the novel of the sons of destiny, it was a book i borrowed after much deliberation. i prefer my heroes and heroines to be alone if possible, as in no relatives and what nots. if not, i get tempted to read the rest of the sequels/prequels and if i can't find them, it's frustrating especially when you're in the mood. anyway the synopsis for this is the same as from the back of the book.
eight brothers, born in 4 sets of twins, 2 years apart from each other. they fulfil the curse of 8 prophecy. to avoid tempting destiny, the brothers are exiled to nighfall isle, where women are forbidden. when a childhood friend seeks refuge among the brothers, it triggers a confrontation with their mysterious enemy.
alys arrives desperate and afraid but welcomed by wolfer, the second born brother. they've each harboured deep feelings for each othr but alys harbours a secret as well. it's her very own uncle who torments the exiled brothers, plaguing them with creatures, and who seeks to kill them to secure their ancestral inheritance for himself.
but confessing her uncle's plan to the brothers will put them at even greater risk,for their resistance against the evil mage has stirred his wrath. this time, alys fears her uncle's determined to exterminate the brothers once and for all-destroying the star-crossed lovers as well.
well it was exactly as i mentioned earlier. reading this book made me want for some more of the other sequels. i'm sure i mentione this before in my earlier posts as well but still, it's amazing how creative and imaginative authors are. to be able to think up such long stories and link them all together, kudos to them. hope you all enjoy this book.

Ecstasy:TheShadowdwellers by Jacquelyn Frank

This is most likely the sequel to the nightwalker series. I've written about them before.
Worlds couldn't keep them apart.
Among the shadowdwellers, trac holds power that some are willing to kill for. and one rival would have succeeded when he was saved by a beautiful, fragile human who healed him. by rights, he should hardly even register her existence within the realm of shadowscape, but he notices everything about her.
after a terrifying car crash, ashla townsend wakes up to find herself in an eerie and desolate new york. just when she's convinced she's all alone, she's confronted by a dark warrior who draws her deeper into a world she never knew existed. the bond between them is a mystery to both bu looking for answers will mean confronting long hidden secrets and uncovering a threat that could destroy everything trace holds precious.
personally, this was an ok book for me. i'm hoping to read books about some other characters in this book that attracted me but i'm not sure if they're out yet. oh well, i hope you enjoy this book. it helps to pass time.