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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Write for your own pleasure

A full time career writing is quite hard for me to imagine esp since i can't even think up stories that fast. There might be some who enjoys writing so much that they want to make a career of it. Voila, there you have all the famous authors. hhehe i really have to hand it to them to be able to think up of such excellent stories.

But while you enjoy writing when you have inspirations, when you don't have them, it'll be a drudgery. I can personally vouch for that ehehehe there are so many incomplete stories, or should i say, paragraphs??? they're not even one chapter. it's just the starting that i wrote and i left it hanging. but i didn't know how to continue after that. sigh

like now, there are many books that i've already read, but i'm just too lazy to write and nothing's forming in my head right now. i'm returning those books tomorrow, so it'll just be read but not written about. such a pity as they're all good books. if anyone has any tips they can share for this writer's block or can make writing interesting, then i'd definitely be interested.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dark of the Moon by Susan Krinard

Dark of the Moon   [DARK OF MOON] [Mass Market Paperbound]
I just finished reading this book which is about vampires and as i was in the mood, i immediately came online to rave about it. it's a fiction novel though and i thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Dorian Black was known as an enforcer, who once kept warring vampire clans from one another's throats. But now outcast from his own kind, he hangs around back alleys of the city alone until the night that he saves Gwen Murphy, a reporter. Gwen will do anything to uncover the truth behind the articles her father was working on before he died-a mysterious cult of blood drinkers. Unaware of Dorian's involvement, she offers him kindness and friendship, which he tries to refuse. but to protect her, Dorian will soon be forced to do the unthinkable...

ok i admit that this summary or almost all my summaries is usually from the book itself. but hey, at least you know the story roughly as written on the real thing. well, this story is more angtsy that those i've read before. of course, they have their fair share of angst, but this somehow got to me. i think this is the first book i've read from susan krinard, or if i have before, then i've forgotten.

Their feelings are protrayed across really well. we know what they feel and this makes us root for them. makes us anxious and frustrated as to when they're finally going to acknowledge the feelings they have for each other. hmm... i guess this genre would go to fantasy wouldn't it? oh well, i hope you guys enjoy this book like i have.
Dark Of The Moon

Monday, March 22, 2010

High Noon by Nora Roberts

I finished this book in record time, for me personally anyway. i finished a book that had nearly 500 pages in one day0_0 hard to imagine isn't it. even i thought that i wouldn't be able to, but i was lucky that my hubby was not at home for that time. that meant i got to read a book the whole day. hehehe
When i read that there was a hostage negotiator for our heroine, i was already in love. a tough lady, but it also meant that whoever was lucky enough to fall for her, would have a lot of sweating to do hehehe and in this case, that would be duncan swift, our millionaire businessman. but this is just a vague description of him. read the book and try and figure out more of these two main people. our negotiator was not ready for a relationship, but our businessman had other ideas. and the story goes on and on. but i won't spoil it much. just know that there's tons of suspense, humor and really sweet and romantic moments that make you go "awww."
the sentence that was just described earlier is mainly the reason why i would recommend you the book. there are really hilarious moments and then there are moments when you sober up. for me, as i was able to read the book without much disruptions(except for my kids which is a lot-_-) i was really engrossed with it and so my heart was beating hard at danger, beating erraticially at steamy moments:P and swooning at sweet moments. there were other feelings too of course, but well, the characters were really built up well. the plot was amazing, it was totally unexpected, from what i usually read anyway. basically i enjoyed myself.
well i have actually read tons of books, just that i've been too lazy to write about it, so don't mind me. most have already been returned to the library. i wrote about this just because i just finished it right now and the story was fresh in my mind. anyway hope you all enjoy it.