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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Red Demon by Diedre Knight

this is the 3rd book in the gods of midnight series and it seems i didn't write about the earlier 2 prequels both of which i read. this is mainly about our immortal spartan warriors fight for humankind while battling their own desires. but anyway, i'm always amazed by the imagination and creativity and skills of everyone; all the authors whom i've read and not read. how they're able to keep a story going, i can't fathom at all. i lack the mentality to even finish a story, always giving up halfway sigh. but first, here's the synopsis as at the back of the book.
having recently assumed the power over life and death for the immortal spartan brotherhood, aristos petrakos still hasn't mastered his unpredictable abilities. now a medium brings him a message from the other side-a romantic message ari doesn't want to hear.
more than a century ago, the love of ari's immortal life, juliana tiades, drowned in the savannah river after she learned about ari's shape-shifting abilities. desperate to reveal the truth about her death, juliana makes a bargain with a djinn demon who offers to give her physical form. but as juliana and ari are reunited in passion, the debt must be paid-in souls and spirits.
one thing that i truly enjoyed about this book is that i'm able to learn more about greek mythology or at least the greek gods and some of their tales. not in detail of course, but enough to guess more or less what might have happened. also, despite it being a fantasy kind of genre, it also deals with reality, one example being a relationship between same sex couple. it's not focused in detail of course, since this book is about ari and juliana, but they have other relationships that are building up throughout the series and that is one of them. they have their own inner demons to battle but there's definitely reality in it as well. of course, the action and scorching passion here is a bonus. although living reality, i prefer all those happy ever after kind of books where i can escape for a while to dreamland hehehe hope you enjoy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Crazy Sweet by Tara Janzen

This seems to be the last in the crazy series, although i'm not too sure. new relationships were introduced but i'm not sure if they're continued. but reading the book, it seems to have come to an end maybe and this was a good book and a great series. here's the synopsis as at the back.
during a secret mission gone bad, covert operator gillian pentycote ceased to exist. held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, gillian survived. now with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself red dog has gone from bookish secretay to sizzling hot hired gun and she has one plan: to find the man who shattered her life and take him down for good.
special agent travis james has the same plan, except he has rules to follow-and using a gorgeous amnesiac as bait isn't in them. so travis must play a dangerous double game of his own. he knows red dog will do anything to lure the ultimate criminal to her side and exact revenge. but from central america to a colorado show down, travis has gotten his priorities straight. he'll kill the bad guy, but only if he can save the beauty and never ever let her go...
i fell for travis when i first read about him in the crazy series a few books back which i think was crazy kisses. he's such a sensitive guy. i immediately went aww . with that said, i definitely loved gillian pentycote more before she became red dog. sigh but all these reading sometimes makes me wonder. does this happen in reality too? hehe hope you enjoy

Crazy Love by Tara Janzen

this is one book i've been wanting to read ever since i started crazy wild. they've been showing bits and pieces of their relationship and it has been a teaser for me. here's the synopsis as at the back of the book.
government operative dylan hart has survived some of the riskiest missions known to man. but no nemesis could have prepared the special defense forces commander for the newest member of his team, skeeter bang. a street-smart, leather-clad heartbreaker, skeeter has been recruited to aid dylan's latest mission: steal a top secret file and bury it before all hell breaks loose.
teaming up with a man who may be the last bona fide defender of the free world is a risk skeeter's ready to take-until a black tie washington soiree erupts in a bucket-flying free-for-all. now skeeter's got danger on her trail and dylan arousing every bad boy fantasy she ever had. being in the wrong place at the wrong time is about to plunge one man and woman right into the sizzling line of fire...
when i first started this, it started off great: it was humorous, serious, basically it made my mouth split wider open like an idiot. when i came back to reality, i felt like an idiot for smiling like that; i'd have been mortified if i had been seen like that by others.
after finishing, i enjoyed it thoroughly but i didn't feel the 'bang' i was expecting to feel. i had expected more but since this was an undercover stealth mission, the action wasn't as much; well for an action fan like me anyway, although i definitely the banter that went on between them and the new relationship that was revealed between travis and gillian. my heart nearly stopped at a certain part of the book.
although my expectations were more for this book, (skeeter bang is really hot and smart and i'm a girl;P dylan hart is the boss of them, the brains) it was enjoyable and made me look forward to the next sequel which would be about travis and gillian. but this is for another time. hope you enjoy this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

"soldier. hero. lover. he's so dangerous, he's off the rocket." haha that immediately grabbed by atention when i saw this book and wanted to read the synopsis. and it definitely lived up to it. this book has the action, romance and some humor in it. also, there's a sneak peek at the end of her another book-crazy love. (i'll be bringing this review next time) here's the synopsis as it is on the back of the book.
professional soldier kid chronopolous moves in stealth and shadow to take out the world's deadliest threats. now, after barely surviving a hair-raising mission in south america, the special defense forces agent comes home to panama city for some r & r...and finds a bikini bottom that can only belong to one woman.
nikki mckinney has never forgiven kid for vanishing from her life after the mind blowing passion they shared. now he's suddenly back on the planet, where she's rising to the top of the local art scene.but her safe, sheltered world is about to be rocked to its core. because there's a bounty on kid's head and his enemies don't care if they take him dead or alive. with dangerous people gunning for him, kid's got nikki running for cover...and right into his arms. keeping her safe is his latest mission. keeping their hands off each other is out of the question.
this was definitely a good read. there was a lot of action and it was ... hot hehe what else can i say. if you have ever read all my other reviews, you can see that they're all practically the same and the genres are more or less the same too. but i don't care for now. i'm loving this and when my preference does change in the near future, the books reviews will more or less let you know. hope you enjoy.

Crazy Wild by Tara Janzen

This is the 3rd book in the crazy book series. i have not read the first 2 books as i haven't found them, but i have found the others and enjoyed them immensely. here's the synopsis as at the back.
with her prim librarian looks, cordelia 'cody' stark doesn't look like a nuclear arms broker or the world's most dangerous woman, but nabbing her is special forces operative creed river's latest mission. that is, until a trio of thugs show up and he is forced to play hero...
armed with secrets that could ignite a global inferno, cody was already running out of places to hide. now a hotshot government agent has blown her cover. trusting the hero who just saved her life is not an option but resisting him is something else entirely. but when bullets start to fly, a man and a woman running out of time are gearing up for the wildest adventure of their lives...
reading this book made me cold; figuratively speaking. it's set in such cold areas; our hero and heroine are practically freezing to death and we see some realtionships starting to form as well. hope ou enjoy.