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Monday, February 15, 2010

Dark Victory by Brenda Joyce

Well here i am finally with another of the books that i like. it's a little different than what i'm used to reading. there is a fantasy genre too which i seldom read in my books, for the reason that i can't seem to find any of course. i do read and enjoy fantasy so long as there is romance and this book has it.

Macleod's life is about revenge and vengeance. Tabitha's life is about protecting others. When a vision of a dark, bloody and burned highlander appears to her, she knows she has to help him and summons him. But what she doesn't expect is to be taken against her will to her violent time. and there, she must learn to fight for more than just his destiny. she must fight for her love.

When i said that Macleod's life was about vengeance, i really meant that. he's so revengeful that he'd even defy the gods and not listen to them even though he is related. hehe but what i really loved was how well the author described. into the first page and already, i could feel macleod's feelings. got my heart thumping for a while there, really felt for him then. it's because these novels that i read are so well written and described that i am addicted to them. oh yea i am addicted. anyway hope you enjoy reading, my babe is calling for attention now so sayonara