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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mystic Warrior by Patricia Rice

Another fantasy filled with magic novel, it definitely kept me wanting to continue reading without stopping. it was that good though it's been quite some time since i last read this. i was too lazy to write about it immediately and so am only writing about it now. i'll write the synopsis exactly as is written on the back of the book.
Lissandra Olympus, the daughter of Aelynn's late spiritual leader, is convinced that only renegade outcast Murdoch LeDroit can save her people. but murdoch refuses to return to those who exiled him years ago, as their fear of his extraordinary, uncontrollable psychic power is well founded. he also resists reigniting the combustible passion that has always existed between him and lissandra, for it would only expose her to his destructive forces.
but in a world where magic conspires to unite them, lissandra and murdoch cannot long deny their sexually charged energy. as they search for the long lost chalice of plenty, which is essential to aelynn's survival, lissandra begins to realize that it may be her healing skills that murdoch most needs...and his protectiveness that she most desires. perhaps together they can learn to focus his power until he becomes the perfect ruler of aelynn. but will lissandra consent to remain by his side, ever his co-ruler, his lover, his wife?
this was a great read for me even though i had not read its prequels. i hope those with similar passions for these genres, like me, will enjoy it. you won't regret it.