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Friday, January 11, 2008

The whole truth by anthony robinson

well, i read this book when i was quite young actually. at that time, my head definitely swam since i had no idea what the book was about! i grew older(duhh) and i read it again. well it's not the type of book that i usually read but since i had it at hand...
anyway, leonard bradley is in love but not with his wife. he's a wealthy man and facing a divorce suit, his problems would definitely be solved if his wife would just disappear. then the police finds her dead body.
leonard has the motive, murder weapon is his and he has no alibi. it's more or less classified as first degree murder and his only defense is the truth: about his affair, secret life insurance policy on his late wife and their loveless marriage. but will it be enough to free him?
this story definitely grips you as he goes about trying to prove his innocence. does he succeed?? read it and find out!