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Monday, December 10, 2007

Thunder At Dawn by Jill Gregory

i finished reading this book titled Thunder at Dawn and since i'm a romantic at heart, you can definitely be sure that i basically like all the books i'm reviewing. hehe
it's about a successful lawyer, Faith Barclay, who's being stalked. Work is starting to get to her though and to escape the big city and the menacing calls she's been receiving lately, she goes to her family's cabin in Thunder Creek where she encounters Zach MaCallum who walked out on her ten years ago.
Zach will never forget the times he spent with Faith and this time, is determined not to let her get away. But someone has tracked Faith to Thunder Creek and it's up to Zach to protect the woman he's never stopped loving.
What i really liked about this book is how the ending really surprised me.I was definitely expecting a different ending but once you read the book, you will see what i mean.
This is a great book to read esp if you're a romantic at heart like me.

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