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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hidden Secrets by Cait London

I am writing another review as i happen to have this book and i need to return it in a few days. In fact, i'll be writing a number of reviews immediately, and book fans will definitely be glad for this. This book has more of a supernatural feel to it.
Like everyone else, Marlo Malone's peaceful existence was shattered by terrible events that rocked the community: an unsolved murder, series of fatal accidents and the strange disappearance of a young boy from a car crash that killed his parents. But unlike everyone else, Marlo can't shake the feeling that these incidents are connected... and that the men in her life are somehow involved.
Her considerate boyfriend Keith is holding dark secrets and Spence, the missing boy's charismatic uncle is tormented and capable of anything. And a terrifying premonition is warning Marlo that unless she uncovers the truth, something horrible is about to happen...again.
This is a book that will keep you in suspense till the end. It makes you want to uncover the secrets too. meaning you want to be a detective. hehe all in all, a great book.

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