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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Out of Control by Shannon McKenna

I think this book has a prequel or sequel to it which i, unfortunately, haven't had the chance to read yet as i can't find in the libraries. and i rarely have the chance to go to libraries often. it's only occasionally.
P.I. Davy McCloud breaks his rule: never follow blind impulse when it comes to women; when he meets Margot Vetter who shows up to teach at the gym next door.
A fugitive, framed for murder she didn't commit, Margot has no one to turn to but Davy. But as they grow closer, she finds that holding back for this enigmatic man is impossible. Her past has finally caught up with her and life's about to get more complicated than it already is.
This book is really sexy. hehehe It's amusing to see Davy, who's like such a cynic turned to mush whenever he's near Margot. That's what i esp liked about this book.

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