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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Write for your own pleasure

A full time career writing is quite hard for me to imagine esp since i can't even think up stories that fast. There might be some who enjoys writing so much that they want to make a career of it. Voila, there you have all the famous authors. hhehe i really have to hand it to them to be able to think up of such excellent stories.

But while you enjoy writing when you have inspirations, when you don't have them, it'll be a drudgery. I can personally vouch for that ehehehe there are so many incomplete stories, or should i say, paragraphs??? they're not even one chapter. it's just the starting that i wrote and i left it hanging. but i didn't know how to continue after that. sigh

like now, there are many books that i've already read, but i'm just too lazy to write and nothing's forming in my head right now. i'm returning those books tomorrow, so it'll just be read but not written about. such a pity as they're all good books. if anyone has any tips they can share for this writer's block or can make writing interesting, then i'd definitely be interested.

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