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Monday, March 22, 2010

High Noon by Nora Roberts

I finished this book in record time, for me personally anyway. i finished a book that had nearly 500 pages in one day0_0 hard to imagine isn't it. even i thought that i wouldn't be able to, but i was lucky that my hubby was not at home for that time. that meant i got to read a book the whole day. hehehe
When i read that there was a hostage negotiator for our heroine, i was already in love. a tough lady, but it also meant that whoever was lucky enough to fall for her, would have a lot of sweating to do hehehe and in this case, that would be duncan swift, our millionaire businessman. but this is just a vague description of him. read the book and try and figure out more of these two main people. our negotiator was not ready for a relationship, but our businessman had other ideas. and the story goes on and on. but i won't spoil it much. just know that there's tons of suspense, humor and really sweet and romantic moments that make you go "awww."
the sentence that was just described earlier is mainly the reason why i would recommend you the book. there are really hilarious moments and then there are moments when you sober up. for me, as i was able to read the book without much disruptions(except for my kids which is a lot-_-) i was really engrossed with it and so my heart was beating hard at danger, beating erraticially at steamy moments:P and swooning at sweet moments. there were other feelings too of course, but well, the characters were really built up well. the plot was amazing, it was totally unexpected, from what i usually read anyway. basically i enjoyed myself.
well i have actually read tons of books, just that i've been too lazy to write about it, so don't mind me. most have already been returned to the library. i wrote about this just because i just finished it right now and the story was fresh in my mind. anyway hope you all enjoy it.

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