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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Light my Fire by Katie MacAlister

it's not easy being a demon lord, a guardian and a wyvern's mate all at once. luckily i just moved to london to study all things guardian with my mentor. a new start is exactly what i need after being betrayed (again!) by drake, wyvern of the green dragons. though i'm supposedly immortal, i'm not so sure my heart can take another beating.
but i'm still officially drake's mate-and my presence is required at a meeting of the green dragons. how i'm going to keep my distance from that fire-breathing hunk is beyond me. it doesn't help that several annoying attempts have been made on my life. or that i'm wanted by the entire otherworldly population of imps since jim, my doggie demon sidekick, accidentally ate their ruler. being an alpha dragon and all, drake is sure to get protective of me-which might not be a bad thing when war breaks out and all hell breaks loose...literally.
this i think is the third/last in the aisling grey series. it's defintely a good read. there's lots of witty dialogues, sexy alpha males:P, and it's downright hilarious at times. oh and jim the doggie is sooo cute. it's got everything we can imagine. from demons, to guardians to dragons. phew basically it's great. you might want to read from the first though i too started on the second. in fact, i haven't even read the first and i'm already finished the last0_0 hope you enjoy.

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