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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Perfect Bride by Judith McNaught

it's late at night and i'm tired so i'll keep this a short one. it's been quite some time since i last read a historical romance novel and now, i'm enjoying it once again. this is such a sweet story with a naive and sweet heroine and a cynical and jaded hero. here's the synopsis as at the back.
a childhood trauma has left lady blanche harrington incapable of all emotion, least of all love. now circumstance demands she marry, and blance dreads choosing from her horde of fawing suitors. for one very eligible gentalman has not stepped forward...
a war hero and a recluse, rex de warenne has long admired lady blance. though fate and his own dark nature have robbed him of any hope for the kind of future such as a lady deserves, rex is determind to air and keep his feelings to himself. rex is determined to air her-and keeps his feelings to himself. but when their growing friend ship leads to a night of smoky shocking passion, blanche's newfound memories threaten their fragile love
ok i'm too tired to even understand what i'm writiing so i'm going to end it here.

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