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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dark Rival by Brenda Joyce

this is actually the first or second book in the masters of time series if i'm not wrong. i've actually read some of the sequels already and so far, i'm not regretting borrowing any of them and wasting my time. it was time well spent. hehe
a golden man, he's called black royce-a battle hardened soldier of the gods. his vows are his life, until he is sent to new york city to protect a healer from those who would use her powers for themselves. the moment royce sees beautiful, fiesty allie monroe, he knows she will be his only weakness-and he is right.
allie monroe is more than an heiress. she is a healer, willing to do anything to save victims of the evil that lurks in the city at night. but alone, she can only do so much-until destiny sends her the darkest highlander of them all. then evil strikes and royce is destroyed before her very eyes. now allie will do anything to save royce-even if it means going back in time to a dark, dangerous world. confronting their enemies could cost not only their lives, but their love-for all eternity.
this was such a sweet read on top of it being really action packed which most of her books are, or those that i post here anyway. most are action packed romance hehe i would be willing to actually buy this book and add to my 'bookshelf' when i have one in the future. i won't mind reading it again in the future. hope you enjoy

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