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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dark Possession by Christine Feehan

Another one of Christine Feehan's carpathian novels, this is a good read too like all others. I loved the synopsis enough to want to borrow this book immediately, so i hope you like it too. here's the synopsis exactly as is on the back.
Manolito De La Cruz knew he was dangerously close to turning into a vampire. The last thing he expected after being called back to his carpathian homeland by prince mikhail was to catch the scent of his destined lifemate in maryann delaney. maryann is human but knows all too well the aggressive instincts of carpathian males. and they're not exactly the kind of males she'd prefer to be bound for life.
a dedicated counsellor for battered women, maryann has a fulfulling life with no room for someone like manolito, born and bred in the carpathian mountains, a law unto himself. but when maryann agrees to go to south america to offer guidance to a brutalized young woman, she has no idea a trap awaits her in the sweltering thick of the jungle. she has been drawn there by manolito himself, who has seductive plans for the unaware, irresistibly human female...
christine feehan is really an amazing author, such vivid imagination, her stories really make me one with them. if only i was able to get all her other books, sigh. oh well, i hope you enjoy this book.

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