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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Billionaire's Secret Desire by Lietha Wards (online read)

Maximilian King has been in love with Lily, his best friend's sister, ever since he can remember. Well, ever since she was 16 to be exact. And he wants to make her his wife. But how is he to accomplish that when men seem to be flocking to her like bees to the flowers while the woman in question doesn't seem to have an inkling of that and his feelings for her. It's going to be a tough road for him but Maximilian King didn't become a billionaire simply because he was the type to give up easily. Is Lily going to have any say with two over protective men hovering in her life?
hahaha this was a really fresh read for me, our billionaire showed really great restraint. for years in fact. hehe and having to fend off all her suitors??? that shows how crazy for her he is. it's a simple and yet sweet story that i definitely wouldn't mind re-reading in the near future, just to change the pace of what i usually read, which is intense action, paranormal, mystery romances, etc.
i'm sure many of you will enjoy this if you like romance and some humor and of course, yummy billionaires hehehe even luke, lily's brother is a millionaire as well hehe enjoy^_^

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