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Monday, January 17, 2011

Queen of Song and Souls by C.L. Wilson

Only together could their souls be complete. Only together could they survive. Only together could they unlock the secrets of the past and unleash their greatest magic.
As war rages all around them, and the evil mages of Eld stand on the brink of triumph, Rain and Ellysetta must learn to trust completely in their love and in themselves, and embrace a forbidden power that can either destroy their world or save it.
this is the fourth(if i'm not wrong)instalment of the book and it's getting better so far. you have to read this from the beginning to know what has been going on and it won't be a waste of time that's for sure. there is so much magic, so much love and pain all in this book, it grips our heart.
initially i thought that this was like the last of the book but seems like there's one more i think from the way the story ended. although i've never heard of it, i'm googling it out later, see what's the title and all. anyway, if you love fantasy and romance, you won't want to miss this book. it's so sad and touching at times, my heart definitely felt a would i describe it. basically there was a lump in my throat. anyway, hope you enjoy.

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