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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

"soldier. hero. lover. he's so dangerous, he's off the rocket." haha that immediately grabbed by atention when i saw this book and wanted to read the synopsis. and it definitely lived up to it. this book has the action, romance and some humor in it. also, there's a sneak peek at the end of her another book-crazy love. (i'll be bringing this review next time) here's the synopsis as it is on the back of the book.
professional soldier kid chronopolous moves in stealth and shadow to take out the world's deadliest threats. now, after barely surviving a hair-raising mission in south america, the special defense forces agent comes home to panama city for some r & r...and finds a bikini bottom that can only belong to one woman.
nikki mckinney has never forgiven kid for vanishing from her life after the mind blowing passion they shared. now he's suddenly back on the planet, where she's rising to the top of the local art scene.but her safe, sheltered world is about to be rocked to its core. because there's a bounty on kid's head and his enemies don't care if they take him dead or alive. with dangerous people gunning for him, kid's got nikki running for cover...and right into his arms. keeping her safe is his latest mission. keeping their hands off each other is out of the question.
this was definitely a good read. there was a lot of action and it was ... hot hehe what else can i say. if you have ever read all my other reviews, you can see that they're all practically the same and the genres are more or less the same too. but i don't care for now. i'm loving this and when my preference does change in the near future, the books reviews will more or less let you know. hope you enjoy.

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