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Friday, August 27, 2010

Run For Your Life by Andrea Kane

it had been so long since i last read a book by this author that i had nearly forgotten about her. but reading this book made me remember why i was so into her once. it was just that i couldn't find any more of her books that i hadn't read, thus forgetting about her :P
when victoria kensington's sister audrey, vanishes, victoria is sure her abusive father is somehow connected. she does some investigating but reaches a dead end when help comes from an unexpected source, the lover she hasn't seen in 4 years.
zachary hamilton's investigation for the fbi has led him till where victoria was stumped in hers. when a surveillance tape reveals victoria, he knows he must contact his ex, no matter his feelings about her. together they must race to crack the mystery and rescue audrey even as the white hot electricity between them's recharging to a fever pitch.
this book has almost everything i could want for; action, mystery, romance and even some comic moments. i especially loved the feelings between the two of them. the author managed to bring our their feelings so well, it made me so engrossed that i hated to be disturbed. she also showed how they dealt with their problems. anyway hope you enjoy the book.

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