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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas

Three days after arriving in Galveston, newly widowed Sage McMurray is furious. She'd been gone from Texas long enough to forget what it takes to survive on the frontier and finds herself taken hostage in a robbery. Sage fears if the outlaws discovers who she is, she may never see Whispering Mountain again.
Her fears are about to come true when the outlaws decide to auction off their pretty captive to the highest bidder, and a tall stranger offers twice the higest bid.
Drummond Roak has grown up in the years since Sage left. He now makes his living as a gunfighter, but his love for her has never changed. While fighting to keep her alive, he is also determined to convince the Texan beauty that beneath his wild ways is a man worth loving...
such a wonderfully sweet story. well it's not really the right way to describe it as there's tons of action as well. but this book definitely gives me a feeling of being in Texas. well it gives me a texas feeling anyway with outlaws, horses and the weather and more. drummond is so sweet...well as sweet as a gunfighter can be. holding a torch for her for so long and she's his senior 3 yrs anyway. hehe well hope you enjoy this book

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