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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Man Must Marry by Janet Chapman

Truthfully speaking, i had put off reading this until i had no more books left with me to read as i had actually not wanted to borrow this. i thought i had picked up a different titled book but when i came home, i found out that it was the wrong one. oh i was heartbroken then as i wasn't as interested in this book. but without any more books to read, i gave this a go and surprisingly i enjoyed it. maybe it was because the heroine was a little clutzy type??? i don't know, those types endear to me somehow too. hehe
Sam Sinclair's self made millionaire grandfather sent Willa Kent whom none of the three sinclair brothers had heard of as his proxy to an important meeting of his shipping company. Most people would think him mad but sam knew his grandfather too well. the latter had decided that one of his three grandsons should marry willa. but while trying to escape marriage, the two are captured by love.
with the romance, there was comedy in here. no action and suspense that i liked. but romance and comedy kept me hooked too. so i hope that you people enjoy this as well.

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